Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

McLaren Vale Business Association - CODE OF CONDUCT (Adopted March 2013)


  1. All contributions should be addressed to the meeting via the Chair. All participants are required to respect the ruling of the Chair of the meeting.
  2. Participants should not have meetings within meetings by discussing issues with other individuals or groups of individuals while the meeting is in progress.
  3. Participants should respect each other’s contribution and not interrupt when someone is speaking.
  4. In contributing to the meeting, participants will ensure that comments they make do not amount to a personal attack on another individual and should avoid using heated, emotional and value loaded language and behaviour.
  5. Meetings may occasionally receive information which is not in the public domain, often relating to individuals, organisations or financial matters. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that this information remains confidential to the meeting unless prior authorisation has been given by the executive committee for this to be discussed elsewhere.

All participants must:

  1. Act appropriately and treat people and organisations with respect; never being derogatory in their speech or manner
  2. act in the Association’s interest, and not seek to gain any advantage for themselves, their family or friends;
  3. act in a way that is fair and unbiased
  4. allow everyone to take part without interruption or intimidation and treat everyone equally
  5. be open and honest about their actions and decisions, and give reasons for them.
  6. be open and acceptant of others’ culture, religion and sexual preference.

Participants must not:

  1. act or speak in a way that may be perceived as bullying, harassing, abusive, discriminatory or derogatory.
  2. prevent anyone getting information they are entitled to;
  3. bring the Association into disrepute;
  4. speak or claim to speak or give the impression that they speak on behalf of the Association or claim to be representing the Association or giving the views of the Association unless they have been authorised to do so by the Executive Committee, or sub-committee;
  5. attempt to dominate the meetings for their own purpose or the purpose of a group or organisation they represent.
  6. Breaches of the Code of Conduct during Meetings


Any participant who does not comply with the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the meeting by the Chair.

Any person excluded from an individual meeting because of their behaviour will only be allowed to return to future meetings if, in the opinion of the Committee, the individual will abide by the code of conduct.

Members at Large

  1. The principals, actions and behaviours described above will apply to all Members of the Association;
  2. On joining the Business Association, applicants will be provided with a copy of the Code of Conduct and asked to signify their willingness and intention to comply with the Code prior to acceptance of their Membership.
  3. Members who breach the Business Association’s Code of Conduct will be liable to expulsion from the Association and their membership fees forfeit.

Complaint and Dispute Resolution

  1. A complaint against a member of the Business Association shall be resolved by the executive committee.
  2. A complaint against a member of the executive committee shall be resolved by the other members of the executive committee.