Spice Girlz Gourmet

About Us

Creative Condiments, Delicious Dukkahs, Preserved Lemons & Infused Oils

Spice Girlz Gourmet is a family-owned business based in the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, producing a range of Gluten Free, Vegan friendly condiments, dukkahs, preserved lemons and infused oils for retail, wholesale, and catering businesses. Our condiments include, Moroccan jam, Zulu-lu Kasundi, Saucy Tomato, Jamato and Hakuna Matata. All products can be used as a perfect addition to gourmet burgers, pizza bases, BBQ or a cheese platter.

Available in 350g jars, 1kg, 5kg Foodservice buckets.

Our condiments, dukkahs and oils are gluten free + vegan friendly, and contain only natural preservatives.


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