Sew and Sew Wines

About Us

At Sew & Sew we believe beauty is in the detail. We recognise and appreciate the patterns of the growing process in the vineyard – the sun, water, soil and the vines themselves, which all create different rhythms throughout the year. We harness these patterns from bud to bottle to create beautiful, hand-crafted wines.

Sew & Sew wines pay homage to their region, varietals and vintage. We aim to produce wine that respects the journey from vineyard to dinner table, resulting in wines that are designed to be enjoyed over a good yarn or two.

Based in the McLaren Vale wine region of South Australia, Sew & Sew is a partnership between friends, with a shared passion for quality wines and good company. Our wines are produced from vineyards hand-selected by our team to ensure we are using only the best fruit available in the region to make the best possible wines for your enjoyment.


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