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Welcome to the Aldinga Aviation Pty Ltd and Aldinga Airfield website. This website has been developed to assist all visitors and users utilising the Aldinga Airfield and visiting the surrounding McLaren Vale Wine Region, who choose to fly in.

Aldinga Airfield was established in 1976 by a small group of keen aviators, who were in the main Private Pilots. The company then underwent various stages of development at the Aldinga Airfield with strong support from many aviator and non aviator investors.

Today Aldinga Airfield, located in the heart of the McLaren Vale Wine region, boasts a first class private airport facility with some 50 privately and company owned hangars with sealed taxiways and green lawns. The Aldinga Airfield is a gateway to other areas of South Australia including Kangaroo Island and the Eyre Peninsula. Aldinga Airfield is located outside controlled airspace making it easy for VFR pilots to fly in and visit our special region.

The company prides itself on presentation and innovation with three storm water retention dams for the total recycling of all storm water on the Aldinga Airfield assisting in making Aldinga Airfield a beautiful place to visit.

Aldinga Aviation welcomes all aviators to visit the Aldinga Airfield at any time and enjoy the facilities that we offer. These facilities include Avgas, overnight Aircraft Parking, hangarage and a 7 day Cafe at the Adelaide Biplanes flight office.

Aldinga Airfield is used by CFS fire support aircraft, the MAC rescue helicopters for training & several Angel Flight aircraft are based at the airfield.

Make your aviation holiday extra special and drop in and visit Aldinga Airfield and surrounding McLaren Vale and spectacular coastal areas. Aldinga Aviation believes in the promotion of aviation and welcomes all aviators to our airfield.


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